Are you interested in establishing a meditation practice

and igniting change from the inside out?
     Korinn is able to offer meditation coaching as a certified

AcuEnergetics® Meditation Teacher.
     She specializes in the ancient practices of

the Inner Breath and the Inner Smile meditations

as taught by AcuEnergetics® and its founder Kevin Niv Farrow.

One on One AcuEnergetics® Meditation coaching session

 ~ 30 minutes
Cost ~ $30

Contact Korinn direct to book your coaching session

This service is available via long distance as well.

Meditation Resources

Online Meditation Class

      Establish a meditation practice and inspire change from the inside out. In today’s busy world it’s so easy to rush around in our life and in our minds. That’s why it is so important to take the time to sit and be still in order to create stability of the mind, body, and emotions, which then can spill over into every area of how you live your life. Meditation is at the backbone of cultivating this for yourself. 

AcuEnergetics® Meditation

I recommend AcuEnergetics® founder

Kevin Niv Farrow's Meditation recordings

to enhance and support your at home practice.

Purchase AcuEnergetics® Meditations Volume 1 -

Moms of Meditation

In this all new online forum I bring

meditation to you in the comfort of your own home!

It launched in the summer of 2019 with a

3 month, 9 class meditation series.

That is still available.

I also, am working on another class.

Check Moms of Meditation out!

     Hear what AcuEnergetics® founder and internationally recognized meditation teacher Kevin Niv Farrow has to say about the practice of meditation...