Each session includes consultation and treatment. It is important for me to understand what is going on before treating as this modality is designed to treat you as a whole person and not just your symptoms. Mind, body, and emotions are taken into account and health history and life history questions will be asked to get a full understanding of your energy system and what may be at the root of the issue.

90 minutes - $110

(Packages at this price are available at Hudson location - 90 min only)

60 minutes - $75

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Sessions  - Wellness balances - MEDITATION COACHING

A very powerful treatment, the energy liver cleanse clears stale and congested energy and helps to detoxify the liver. Ideal for anyone wanting to detox the liver or people who have suffered from bouts of depression, anger or frustration.

This beautiful, relaxing treatment rejuvenates the body and stimulates the lymphatic system and spleen, boosting the body’s immune function.

A deeply relaxing balance which stimulates the two main reservoirs of circling energy (Governing & Conception vessels) in the body to assist overcoming cold & flu symptoms, reducing stress, jet lag, poor circulation & low energy.

Clears stale energy and winds from the organ gates around the navel and opens the belt channel to the kidneys. Excellent for poor digestion, abdominal pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating and tension in the belly and back.

Balancing the correspondences between centers helps to unify the connection between the heart, mind and body. This is a deeply calming and profound balance - ideal to have during times of emotional stress.

This powerful balance clears blocked energy in the spine, legs and pelvic area. Very beneficial for pain or discomfort in any of these areas, as well as menstrual disorders, hip pain and at times of change in your life. Must be preceded by a prior session.

If you need an energy boost, opening the thrusting channels can more than double the amount of energy your body has available. This balance also assists in improving the immune system. Must be preceded by a Circulation of the Light Balance.

This is a very personal balance, but very powerful. Just as it sounds, this balance opens up the conception vessel and reproductive system to allow the body to function optimally. This helps women to clear any menstrual disorders and is highly recommended as a treatment for infertility or pre-pregnancy clearing. It also assists both men and women with opening blockages in the sexual organs, as well as healing bladder problems and other complaints in the sacral area. Must be preceded by a prior session.

When the pelvis is out of alignment due to tension in the ligaments between the coccyx and the pelvis, it can lead to many problems. In pregnancy, it can mean that there is too much tension in the pelvis and this can prevent the baby engaging in the correct position during the final weeks of pregnancy. Other problems include coccyx pain, lower back pain and sciatic pain from perceived differences in leg length. This balance realigns and opens up the whole pelvic area to alleviate or prevent these problems. Must be preceded by a prior session.

AcuEnergetics® Meditation coaching

          Are you interested in establishing a meditation practice and igniting change from the inside out?

     Korinn is able to offer meditation coaching as a certified AcuEnergetics® Meditation Teacher.

     She specializes in the ancient practices of the Inner Breath and the Inner Smile meditations as taught by

     AcuEnergetics® and its founder Kevin Niv Farrow.

One on One AcuEnergetics® Meditation coaching session ~ 30 minutes
Cost ~ $25

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This service is available via long distance as well.


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AcuEnergetics® What is it?

AcuEnergetics® sessions

AcuEnergetics® Wellness balances

          Each wellness balance includes brief consultation and the selection of a balance to receive in the session.

All Wellness Balances are 90 minutes
Cost ~ $110

(Packages available at Hudson Location)

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