Author, Illustrator, & Energy Healing Practitioner        

     Hi, welcome to my website! I am Korinn S. Hawkins - author, illustrator, and Energy Healing Practitioner.
     Since 2009 I have been writing and illustrating children's books and studying and practicing in the field of Energy Medicine. These two facets of my professional life emerged with purpose at the same time. Fueled by exploring my own intuition and getting in touch with my true self I was inspired to complete my first book and also to pursue becoming an Energy Healing Practitioner.
     Right now is an especially exciting time in my life as I continue to grow and the two paths of being a writer and a healer begin to weave themselves together as one. I encourage you to follow my journey and see what gifts unfold to be shared through my healing heart and my healing hands.
    I invite you to come inside my site and explore to see what might appeal to you. Be sure to check out my Energy Healing services and to browse through the listing of books. Also, never hesitate to contact me I would love to hear from you.

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"As I sit and write, my fingers move over the keyboard as if playing a piano.  Although I am not creating music you can hear with your ears, I am creating music you can hear with your heart." 
      - Korinn