about Acuenergetics®

I have been training with AcuEnergetics® since 2013 and am blessed to be among the first certified Practitioners in the United States. My colleagues and I have been witness to the incredible healing that takes place through AcuEnergetics® and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you. My actual years of experience in the field of Energy Healing stretch back to 2008. My previous training is rooted in hands on healing and using crystals for energy therapy. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

MY Story

I started to notice I was less reactive, not as quick to get frustrated with my children. I started to notice I was happier and smiled more, even sang out loud more. I also started to notice that I could now look into the eyes of other people in oncoming cars in traffic, something I didn’t even notice I didn’t do until I started noticing I was doing it now. That was a pretty powerful revelation for me I think because it was such an unconscious result in direct relation of my heart being more open, open to look into the eyes of a complete stranger and feel ok about making that split second connection whereas before apparently I was closed off to the interchange. I continue to practice daily, not only because it feels good, but because it is the daily practice that allows these subtle shifts to continue to open and because I know I have more growth and enjoyment yet to come in the experience. 

Being a Life-long Learner
I love to learn! I love expanding my scope of knowledge and understanding of treatment and then being able to apply it in the clinical setting. People interest me and the body is fascinating. There is nothing more gratifying than working with someone and seeing their condition and their life improve.

Personal Interests

Here are a few life snapshots that paint a picture of my personal background and my drive to help others:


The Body, Mind, Emotion Connection

When I was 21 my mother passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. I knew it was coming and that was a painful process. I believe I mourned more for her before she actually died and then when she passed there was acceptance and relief. I felt that mentally I dealt well with the emotions after the storm of seeing her in that stretch of life. I thought  I was ok with things. But my body wasn’t. In less than a month I went from being 100% healthy to having panic attacks and my thyroid stopped functioning normally, in fact, to the point where an Endocrinologist suggested I get it removed. Thank God I said no to that because a short time later my thyroid function normalized and less than a year later my anxiety and panic attacks had subsided completely. I thought nothing of the timing of things until later in life when I began to learn and become aware that my body had actually been having a physical response in connection to the state of my mind and emotions and in response to the trauma of losing my mom. That was a profound understanding to reach and continues to fuel me in my quest to help others in unraveling their mind, body, emotion blockages like I too have suffered from.


Changes from Meditation

When I first started getting into meditation, I mean really getting into it and practicing every day, it was not easy. Life called to me with 100’s of distractions but I had made a commitment to myself to just sit and do the inner smile every day no matter what and so I stuck with it despite the continued distractions. Not too long into my daily practice I started to be better at letting go of the nagging distractions and was more present in the moment of this time allotted just for me. I found that I started to really enjoy it and in fact crave it because it felt good! A bit further into my practice the sensation changed for me during the meditation. I could now feel this incredible thing, my heart center, rolling around and pulsing in my chest, opening. My heart was becoming more open by doing this simple daily exercise that I now loved! And then even further still into my practice I noticed I was changing. Not because I was trying to change or even thinking about changing but because there was this unconscious shift going on with opening my consciousness.


To learn more about AcuEnergetics® and about AcuEnergetics® workshops visit: www.acuenergetics.com.

about Korinn

Family Life

I live in western Wisconsin with my husband and two children. We have the average busy life of work and play. On days where we can play more we enjoy going camping, grilling, outdoor activities, and just being together and making each other laugh.


Creative Life

Previously I have authored and illustrated an array of books. I would not be surprised if this pops up for me again down the road in my professional life. If you'd like to take a peek at what I have created thus far visit my books.