Intro Video:Welcome to 365 Days of Open Heart Living

Day 1: The Basics

Day 2: Silence

Day 3:Relax

Day 4:Repair

Day 5:Restore

Day 6:Reconnect

Day 7: Fear

Day 8: Strength

Day 9:Overwhelm

... more to come...

Here is the list of current meditations. Start from the beginning. Or pick one that calls to you. 

 Korinn S. Hawkins

Life has shown me much.

It has broken me and built me back up. Several times.

No doubt that has been your journey too.

I am in a unique place to offer insight, inspiration, and tools that support you building yourself back up.

While this is something I can offer, it is really you that must do the work.

But I promise, investing in yourself, and having a practice of opening your heart up over and over again will strengthen you and has the potential to add a beauty to your life you have never experienced.

I invite you to join me.

As I too am still learning in life and also need this practice of Open Heart Living.

Maybe we can make great gains together.